REVIEW: “WORTH” by Patricia Logan

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TITLE: Worth
AUTHOR: Patricia Logan
PUBLISHER: Westburg Publishing
SERIE: Invitation Only  #6
PRICE: $ 3,37 on Amazon
LENGHT: 110 pages

BLURB:  Worth, a beaten, burned, and broken submissive, is brought into a BDSM club by the man who’s supposed to protect him but when the beast sets up a scene between the boy he calls “It” and two other Doms, he tells the men to punish him as hard as they possibly can and hold nothing back. After all, the world “It” comes from, doesn’t have safe words.

Worth can’t remember kindness. Thrown onto the streets when his adoptive parents read his journal entries confessing his deepest darkest secret, he is forced to do what he must in a world harsher than anything he’s ever imagined, just to survive.

Terrified and in excruciating pain, Worth knows his days are numbered but when…

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