Interview to James Cox: “I’m all about the pleasure”

three books over the rainbow


We at Threebooksovertherainbow love James Cox and his books. When he agreed to take time off from his busy writing schedule, we were ecstatic, especially me, as I was the “Chosen One” to talk to him.
I wanted to appear professional and efficient, but talking to someone who doesn’t wear pants (yes, it’s all true) was hard! (no pun intended). So as to not get distracted from my task, I decided to keep my eyes level with his, but have you seen those eyes? So I dipped mine. BIG MISTAKE!
This is what I eventually managed to ask him .

3Books:  Where do you get, shall we say “unique” ideas for your books from?
James: My brain is a scary, wondrous, naked place. Lol. Things just pop into my head. Most of them I can’t say aloud, so I write ‘em down.

3Books: How much of “James Cox” is in…

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