GARETH’S CORNER: “HONKY TONK” by Rain Carrington

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TITLE: Honky Tonk
AUTHOR: Rain Carrington
SERIES: Honky Tonk – book 1
GENRE: Contemporary/ bdsm
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 0.99 on Amazon
LENGHT: 150 pages
RELEASE DATE: 12nd December 2013 – 1st edition
                         23rd June 2014 – 2nd edition
Abstract light blue background. Lightning

BLURB: Meet Ethan…he’s a self proclaimed slut hitchhiking across country from New York on his way to San Francisco. He stops in a small town in New Mexico and gets a job at a tavern called Honky Tonk without really wanting it. The owner of the tavern is a hulking cowboy named Hunter Westmore and Ethan does everything he can to get the man’s attention and once he does his dirtiest dreams come true.

Hunter is a cowboy and owns a ranch as well as the tavern. When he meets the city kid who came into the tavern he didn’t know what hit him. He’d never felt…

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